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Free Fulfillment Costs Estimator

Looking for a reliable fulfillment costs estimator to forecast your end to end e-commerce and fulfillment costs from origin to final customer? You’re not alone – this is a problem all growing companies wrestle with. But look no further as we have you covered with our cost estimate – and the best part is it’s free!


What do I need to account for in my end to end fulfillment costs analysis?

The first thing to understand is what costs should be included when estimating import, customs, storage, and delivery. Some companies will provide high level “all in” estimates of the logistics costs, which are often based on significantly over-simplified models, and large assumptions around shipping and receiving costs. This may be fine during high level planning stages, but you can find yourself with radically different actual costs when it comes time to deliver.

E-commerce fulfillment is complex, and without looking at each component careful you are at risk of missing major costs associated with logistics. Make sure you are considering:

  • Import costs, looking at Air and Ocean rates
  • Customs and Tax fees
  • Pick/Pack/Ship and storage fulfillment costs
  • Outbound logistics to your customers


What do I need to use the Fulfillment Costs Estimator?

The tool will walk you through each cost, item by item. It helps to have some initial estimates for freight, parcel shipping, and pick/pack/ship. No worries though if you don’t have these costs immediately available – you can put general numbers in and then start to sharpen the pencil as more logistics costs are known.


How do I get the tool?

The tool is free! To receive the file CLICK HERE to send an email to our team (please allow some time for delivery).

If you have any questions on the file, would like to see improvements in future releases, or would like to connect so we can help you validate some of these costs please reach out directly:



I need help!

We’d be happy to walk you through this in person. Please reach out by phone (+1.619.800.1871) or email (!

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Free Fulfillment Costs Estimator