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Complete Visibility to Your Entire Shipping Process
Never be in the dark when it comes to where your shipments are. Use Boxton’s freight automation platform to proactively know location and expected delivery dates in order to keep your global supply chain running smoothly at all times.
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"Boxton has the best freight solution on the market to enable growth as we continue to scale!"
- Neha Soi
Vice President of Operations, Lemon Perfect
"The most important thing for us is getting our product to our customers on time with the lowest carbon footprint possible. With most shipping companies, it takes days to understand where my freight is. With Boxton, it's minutes. Plus they partner with the Carbon Fund!"
- Jon Wasserman
Head of Supply Chain, Solgaard
"Until we used Boxton, we never had a clear picture of where all of our freight was and when things were due to arrive. Between Boxton's transparent tracking system and homegrown Slack App, we've never been more informed as to the current status of our network. "
- Simon Strauss
Senior Logistics Manager, Prose Hair
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