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How do I submit quotes on shipping using Boxton’s portal?

Boxton’s Freight platform was developed so that anyone can submit quotes on freight shipments using their own bidding format. This is how the process works:

  1. The company responsible for shipping adds you as a bidder on the Boxton platform for a specific shipment or series of shipments.
  2. An automated email is sent to the designated email address set as the bidding email within your organization (if you want this changed, please reach out to the person who requested your quote).
  3. The email contacts a bidding due date as well as a link to a page only you have access to that contains all of the relevant information pertaining to that quote request.
  4. Once you have a completed bid, you return to the original link and upload your file. This file is preferably in PDF format and should included the total cost and the estimated time-in-transit.

If you have any specific questions on the shipment, reply to the bidding email to the person who sent you the quotes. If you have any technical questions on the process, feel free to reach us at

Example Bid Email

Example Bidding Screen

How do I submit quotes on shipping using Boxton’s portal?