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Boxton: Enterprise Level Shipping for All

The below article was originally featured on Vyteo on April 30th, 2018 by Stephen Gibson.


Of all the groundbreaking innovations of the modern era, shipping and logistics are on the forefront. Whereas in days past sending items across the world was costly and slow, now it’s fast, cheap and relatively easy. Stores that used to only be able to carry a few brands due to minimum quantity requirements, can now pick and choose exactly what they’d like sent from the warehouse. These innovations have given all of us unprecedented purchasing options and shipping choices when sending items afar.

While we all benefit from the logistic genius of large retailers like Amazon and Walmart, we don’t all enjoy the increased savings they earn by optimizing their shipping channels. If my business wants to ship a booth to a conference in Chicago, I’ll probably be paying top dollar. Giving businesses and consumers of all sizes access to premium shipping services is Boxton. Boxton gives any business or consumer access to finely tuned shipping and logistics resources so we too can enjoy the cost savings of large corporations.

There are a variety of common shipping scenarios that come up. Oftentimes you’ll ship a series of materials to a central warehouse to be manufactured and then distributed. Other times you need to transfer large items to new locations, such as computers or furniture. Sometimes you just need to send a lightweight package. Whatever the case may be, shipping with Boxton will save you money and hassle.

Founded by logistics maven Warren Kucker and IT professional Joe Caprara, Boxton combines the best of logistical innovation into an easy to use online platform. They’re integrated with major shipping lines and use competitive bidding to determine the best and cheapest route to transfer your shipment. It may be truck, plane, ship, or courier service. Their online interface provides a central dashboard of all your shipments along with a consolidated invoice. It’s estimated they reduce shipping costs by 30% while lowering administrative overhead by 10%.

The two broad offerings are freight shipping for large bulky items, and parcel for smaller packages. Their parcel offering lets you begin enjoying the savings for free, letting you print up to 10 labels a month without any monthly fee. It’s a self-service platform that you can readily send your packages through. For freight shipping you submit your shipping request and the experts at Boxton will design you a custom solution.

While shipping and logistics are one of the leading reasons society has progressed so much, most of us don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about it. We just want our items sent to where they need to go for the lowest price possible. Boxton’s easy-to-use service makes ad-hoc bulk shipping simple and cost effective.

About Joe Caprara

Joe has spent over a decade working with large enterprises to reduce costs, integrate new systems, and create better processes through upgraded technologies. His experience in management consulting at Accenture and Mergers & Acquisitions at Qualcomm have given him a strong foundation for developing custom fit solutions that are right for any organization.

Boxton: Enterprise Level Shipping for All