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A one-stop shop to securely enable anyone to print labels, track packages, and report shipping spend without handing out your shipping account numbers.
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Accounts. Tracking. Reporting.
Everything in one location. With security and user rights management.
One Solution For...
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Securely enable your colleagues to access your rates, print labels, and track packages without handing our your shipping account numbers.
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Instead of creating new shipping accounts, send batches of labels to your vendors / manufacturers when they need to send you a contract, samples, or a general shipment.
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A one-stop solution to select the best carrier based on your shipping rates on a package by package basis. Print labels, schedule pickups, and track packages in one location regardless of carrier.
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A consolidated application to enable anyone in your company to print a shipping label from anywhere BEFORE sending a package through your central mailroom.
A Single Platform to Consolidate All Your Shipping Needs
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Remote Printing
Print domestic and international shipping labels from anywhere with web access.
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Compare Pricing
See your negotiated rates for each shipment on a single screen. Always select the best option based on service level and price.
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Streamlined Mailroom
Enable anyone to print labels before handing their package to the mailroom, reducing overall data entry.
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Consolidate Tracking
Track all of your packages, regardless of Carrier, in a single dashboard.
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Increase Security
Never hand out your Carrier Account Number again. Easily send labels to 3rd parties without providing access to your account.
Boxton Parcel Spend Reporting Icon
Spend Reporting
Customized reports which track shipping spend by user, carrier, and company.
Boxton Parcel Quick Send Icon
Quick Send
Email labels directly to anyone, and know that they will only be able to ship with what you have provided.
Boxton Parcel Manage Billing Icon
Manage Billing
Control which accounts you bill shipments against and ensure costs are allocated correctly.
Boxton Parcel Address Validation Icon
Address Validation
Ensure all addresses are checked against shipper databases to validate that your packages will get to the right location .
Boxton's solution for Freight and Parcel combine to create a powerful tool to meet your Indirect Logistics needs.
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Spend Less Time on Logistics
Stop spending time worrying about shipments, managing forwarder relationships, and managing internal deliveries. By using our tools you can significantly improve productivity, reduce overall costs, and improve quality - all across your Enterprise.
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Boxton Freight allows you to take control of your bulk logistics spend. It's everything you need to start saving 30% or more on international and domestic bulk freight.
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Boxton Parcel consolidates your internal small shipments into a single tool. Use our platform to help you manage your accounts, tracking, and reporting.
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